MyBandanna is a purpose-designed, remotely-controlled collar band-style listening device that enables seniors to easily engage in daily therapeutic listening sessions. We call it MyBandanna because it reminds us of a neck kerchief – plus, we like the play on ‘band’ as a music reference.

Many seniors can’t or shouldn’t use in-ear and over-ear listening devices due to use of hearing aids, hygiene concerns or other limitations associated with advanced age. So, we created a lightweight, hygienic, hearing aid-friendly, motion and voice-controlled personal listening device, with senior needs in mind period.

Benefits of Bandanna’s Design

Because some seniors have access to Amazon Echo, Google Home and other smart speakers and devices, MyBandanna is completely optional for use of the reMindA.I. application, which is compatible with any WiFi-enabled listening device.

MyBandanna is made from hypoallergenic, plastic and flexible polymer and is offered with a selection of multicolored, washable cloth covers which, in addition to being hygienic, also add to the appeal of the device to senior users. The cloth covers can be easily removed, washed and replaced (by caregivers and most listeners) with Velcro fasteners.

With a view to providing maximum value to seniors and their caregivers at an affordable cost, we wanted MyBandanna to be capable of doing more than delivering individualized music. So, we added the following features:

Optional Broadband Cellular Service

permits ‘secured and closed’ communication reserved solely for preselected family members, caregivers and trusted companions.

Fall Alert Capability

internal gyroscopic motion sensor, capable of detecting stumbles and falls, as well as a large panic button which can be used to notify caregivers and emergency services.

Wireless, Inductive Charging Pad

no need to manipulate small batteries and wires; seniors simply place the unit on the cradle between listening sessions.

Voice and Motion Activation

because the nerves in the fingers become less sensitive with age, it’s hard for some seniors to manipulate small controls.

Telehealth Applications

potential for future versions of MyBandanna to be employed to collect biometric data including heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure and daily mobility; such nonverbal data may also be time-stamped to correspond to specific audio content and used in the machine learning process to identify ‘more like’ content for users who may be incapable of verbally articulating their preferences.

Notifications and Alarms

(aka ‘reMinders’) set up remotely by the caregiver to remind seniors to (i) listen to daily, streamed audio content, (ii) attend to personal needs (e.g., take medicine, drink fluids, wash hands), (iii) get ready for medical and other appointments, and (iv) pursue social engagement and connectedness with family and peers.

Bluetooth Enabled

Bandanna can be paired with mobile phones, computers, TVs, etc.

Peace of Mind

These features are also intended to help reduce the burden placed on caregivers to provide ongoing attention to their charges.

All personal health information is collected and stored in compliance with HIPAA.